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Pellet stoves vs. wood stoves

Does anyone have any good, solid information that compares and contrasts both?  Everything I've read so far indicates that one needs electricity to run a pellet stove.  Part of the reason we want another heat source other than heating oil is that our electricity goes out at least a few times a year.

We will be considering solar at some point, but there's only so much money in the budget right now and winter is looming on the horizon.  So are higher fuel prices.


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Aug. 9th, 2008 11:47 pm (UTC)
Pellet stoves are "safer" because all of the combustion happens inside of an enclosed firebox, however, the cost of fuel is slightly higher with pellet stoves. Also, yes pellet stoves do indeed need electricity to power the auto-feed hopper. However, if you are thinking of getting a solar system in the future, for a few thousand extra dollars you could have an battery/inverter system put in your house to run the hopper when the power goes out. Then you'll already have those components when you decide to go for your solar system. Or you can spend a few hundred bucks to get a small generator installed that will power your heating system and some lighting in the event of a power outage. As far as emissions and VOCs are concerned, I do not know what the comparisons are. If you decide to get a wood stove, make sure to get one with a catalyst that burns the wood as thoroughly as possible. Also, if you want technical comparisons between wood stoves and pellet stoves, I'd suggest you call "Friends of the Sun" at 802-254-4208. They should be able to help you with this question pretty well. Hope that helps ;)
Aug. 28th, 2008 07:06 pm (UTC)
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